Tax Free system in the  Russian Federation

Foreign citizens who have made purchases in Russia can receive a refund of part of the VAT and save up to 12% of the purchase price. VAT refund can be received when purchasing non-excisable goods.

up to 12%

You can get VAT refund if:

You are a citizen of a foreign state and have entered the Russian Federation with a passport issued by an authorized body of a foreign state that is not a Member State of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The EAEU includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.

You purchased goods for at least 10,000 (ten thousand) rubles in one store within one day

The goods you have purchased are non-excisable ones (alcohol, tobacco, and devices for its consumption, passenger cars, motorcycles with engine power over 112.5 kW (150 hp), oils and fuel for auto- and motor vehicles, or aircraft, etc.)

You have purchased goods in a store included in the list of retail companies of Tax Free system and is a partner of Odyssey 12 (link to Stores Page)

You bring the purchased goods out of the EAEU customs territory (except for bringing out the goods through the territory of the EAEU Member States). For example, if foreign citizens fly from Russia to China through Kazakhstan, they will not receive a customs authority seal of either Russia or Kazakhstan, and accordingly, will not be able to receive a tax refund.

You bring the purchased goods out of the EAEU customs territory through the Checkpoints across the State Border of the Russian Federation, which list is determined by the Government of the Russian Federation (link to Checkpoints Page)

You bring the purchased goods out of the EAEU customs territory within three (3) months from the date you have purchased them

The process of getting Tax Free from purchase to returning home

Step No. 1

Make a purchase amounting to at least 10,000 rubles in one day in the same store with Odyssey 12 Tax Free

Step No. 2

Ask your seller for a Tax Free receipt. You can download the Odyssey 12 Tax Free app and register with it to speed up the process of issuing a Tax Free receipt using our completely paperless Tax Free refund technology. You will also be able to get a Tax Free refund the next day after purchasing, even before bringing the goods out of the country.

Step No. 3

Show the passport with which you entered the Russian Federation. If you are registered with Odyssey 12 Tax Free app, just click the “generate QR-code” button and show this code to the sales assistant.

Step No. 4

Receive Odyssey 12 Tax Free receipt

Step No. 5

Do not include the purchased goods in checked in baggage. When returning home, find the “Customs Tax Free” when you are at the point of exit from Russia.

Step No. 6

Show the purchased goods, passport and Odyssey 12 Tax Free receipt to customs officers.

Step No. 7

Get the customs officer's stamp on your Odyssey 12 Tax Free receipt.

Step No. 8

You do not have to send the original Odyssey 12 Tax Free receipt by mail or transfer it to special boxes. We will refund you for the Tax Free amount within three working days after clearing the brought-out goods at the customs.

How to get a Refund

To Bank Card

In Cash

Tax Free

To Bank Card


Register your card with the app


Formalize the brought out goods at the customs


Receive your Tax Free refund within three working days on returning home

You do not have to keep and mail the Tax Free receipt!

In Cash


To receive VAT compensation in cash


Receive a paper Tax Free receipt at the store


Receive Tax Free amount in the currency of your preference

A Tax Free Cash Operator may charge some additional commission!

Tax Free


Download the application and register with it


Register your card with the application and pass the procedure of card verification by the issuing bank


Shop with Odyssey 12 Tax Free and get your Tax Free refund the day after your purchase!

Be sure to show all purchased goods to a special customs officer when leaving the country! Tax Free amounts for incorrectly formalized purchases may be debited from your account when you return home.