Earn more with Odyssey 12

Advantages of Odyssey 12 for stores

  • Saving money

    Reduced operating expenses due to implementing our innovative paperless program of Tax Free refund

  • Saving time

    The automated Tax Free refund system saves your employees' time and effort for customer service

  • Promotion channel

    An additional platform for placing your promotions and marketing programs for foreign buyers

  • Increase in average receipt amount

    Increased average purchase receipt due to using Tax Free Early Refund technologies (Early Refund)

  • Increase in turnover

    Increased turnover through the Card-Linked Offers marketing platform for broadcasting promotions to bank card holders

  • Increase in traffic

    Increased traffic due to early recruiting of foreign tourists to our platform at the stage of preparing and organizing a trip to Russia

Benefits from Tax Free

  • of foreign tourists consider Tax Free to be an essential factor when choosing a store for shopping

  • of foreign tourists are ready to spend 5% –25% more money on purchases in a store with Tax Free

  • of foreign tourists will share their positive impression of shopping with friends and acquaintances and recommend a shop with Tax Free

The data is based on research on the behavior of tourists from such countries as China, Germany, South Korea, the USA, Great Britain, Italy, France, Finland.

Why Odyssey 12 will attract a lot of customers

Additional services

We offer our clients a wide range of additional services, besides Tax Free refund. They include a concierge service, restaurant reservations, tickets to museums, exhibitions, and excursions, etc.

Early recruiting

We actively attract clients to our platform from the moment they begin planning their trip and accompany them throughout their travel around Russia.

Active promotion

We hold targeted advertising campaigns of our platform in thematic groups of social networks and messengers, on specialized sites and visa centers, in airlines, airports, hotels, shops, etc.

Additional benefits and advantages

We use transaction marketing mechanisms that make it possible to broadcast promotional offers of stores directly to customers using the communication channels of payment systems.

Studying behavior and preferences

We regularly conduct research on foreign tourists who have already visited or are about to visit Russia.

Flexible solution

Our own development allows us to provide a service tailored to the requirements of a particular retail company and provide a solution that is fully integrated with the technological landscape of the store.

We offer a Tailor-Made solution


Full automation of business processes for VAT refund. Automatic filling and printing of Tax Free receipts. No additional operating systems, no special training for cashiers.

Document flow

We have implemented online interaction with the Federal Customs Service and the Federal Tax Service, which allows us to make settlements almost instantly.


We have implemented full integration with your cash register solution, which allows you to issue Tax Free receipts in a fully automatic mode.


We offer you integration with the enterprise marketing system. The ability to send your offers to our entire client base.


Our in-house development allows us to render a service tailored to your requirements and provide a solution that is fully integrated with your technological landscape.


Our platform is hosted in PJSC Vimpelcom's data center, which is certified at the Tier3 level and meets the requirements of the Federal Law No. 152 “On Personal Data”.


Continuity of service is ensured by the most resilient infrastructure solution and 24/7 technical support.


Specialized types of Tax Free refund operations on tourists' bank cards have been certified in international payment systems.

Early Refund

For the first time in the EMEA region, the DownTown Early Refund operation was certified, which allows crediting the refund to the tourist's card in real time at the time of purchase payment under the guarantees of the payment system.

What Partners Say About Us

Collaborative work with Odyssey SMP JSC helped us to significantly improve our products and solutions for stores due to automating cash register software and expanding its functionality for the ability to work with electronic document flow in the Tax Free system

Liubov Rybakova
General Director of Luxe Retail LLC

As part of the strategic partnership between Odyssey SMP JSC and Bank Otkritie FC PJSC, specialized types of Tax Free refund operations on tourists' bank cards were certified in international payment systems. For the first time in the EMEA region, the DownTown Early Refund operation was certified, which allows crediting a refund to a tourist's card in real-time at the time of purchase payment under the guarantees of the payment system

Aleksey Solovey
Head of Electronic Commerce Department of Bank Otkritie

Partnership with OdysseySMP JSC provided us with the opportunity to expand our product portfolio, primarily for foreign clients located in Russia

Aleksey Li
Head of the Prospective Development Department of PJSC VimpelCom

Further steps

You sign an Agreement with Odyssey 12 SMP JSC

We submit documents and register you with the Ministry of Industry and Trade as Tax Free participants

We install terminals for you or integrate with your cash register solution

You start an efficient and profitable work with foreign tourists to refund Tax Free for purchases

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