About the company

Odyssey 12 SMP JSC is a Russian Tax Free system operator, which provides its clients and partners with fast and convenient electronic Tax Free processing and refund based on an innovative technological solution of its own development under the Odyssey 12 brand.


Focus on total automation of Tax Free service business processes and seamless integration with cash register software, accounting systems, and POS of the Bank allowed us to minimize retailer's operating costs.


Our in-house development allows us to render a service tailored to a particular retailer's requirements and provide a solution fully integrated with the retailer's technological landscape.

Document flow

Our company has introduced a completely paperless legally significant document flow with the Federal Customs Service of Russia. The software complex of Odyssey 12 SMP JSC has successfully passed testing for compliance with the requirements of the Federal Customs Service of Russia for electronic interaction, which is confirmed by the EPS Software Testing Certificate of the IT Chief Directorate of the Federal Customs Service No. 2021/001 dated 20.01.2021.


Our platform is hosted in PJSC Vimpelcom's Data Center, which is certified at the Tier3 level and meets the requirements of Federal Law No. 152 “On Personal Data”.


We implemented the ability of Tax Free refund using bank POS terminals due to technological injection that meets the international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.


Specialized types of Tax Free refund operations on tourists' bank cards have been certified in international payment systems.

Early Refund

For the first time in the EMEA region, the DownTown Early Refund operation was certified, which allows the refund to be credited to the tourist's card in real-time at the time of purchase payment under the payment system guarantees.


An increase in conversion rates and the volume of qualified transactions due to related services of Odyssey 12 SMP JSC: concierge service, restaurant reservations, tickets to museums, etc.


Significant attention to marketing tools that attract additional traffic to retailers: targeted advertising campaigns, transaction marketing mechanisms, early recruiting of foreign tourists at the stage of preparing and organizing their trip to Russia.


Maximum service continuity is ensured by a fail-safe infrastructure solution and 24/7 technical support.


Foreign tourists agree with the electronic Tax Free refund by transfer to their card or account, which confirms the focus of our platform on cashless payments

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